School of Business and Trade has 65 faculties and among them 50% are associate professors and professorsDoctors accounting for 22%. At the same time, School has a group of off-campus part-time staff consisting of influential enterprises and rich-teaching experience teachers. The high-quality teaching group has already formed with well structure, dedication and aggressiveness. The school has one national Huang Yanpei outstanding teacher and two provincial famous teachers.

The school has 7 majors including Logistics Management, International Trade Practice, Business English, Daily Korean, Daily Japanese, E-commerce, E-commerce technology. Among them, Logistics Management, International Trade Practice, Business English are awarded as characteristic discipline of Jangsu Province and the whole school has built up 6 provincial-level quality courses.

Since the day of its establishment, the school has made comprehensive progress. In reach field, the school has been proved 2 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 project of Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences, more than 50 research projects at other provincial, ministerial, and municipal levels and over 20 educational reform projects. In the talent project, the school has one the national Huang Yanpei teacher, two outstanding young teachers of Huang Yanpei, one 333 talent project (the third level), three academic leaders and four young backbone teachers of the Qinglan project. In the competition, the school also did great job. The school won one national third prize in the Informatization competition, two national second prizes, six provincial first prizes in the student skill competition, two second prizes in the provincial micro-curricular competition, 2 first prizes in provincial excellent graduation thesis design and 3 outstanding team awards. In the Venture Competition, the school won National Invention Cup, Challenge Cup, along with twice Outstanding Academy Awards which is the highest award in International Youth Venture Competition host by London South Bank University in 2018 and 2019.

The school is mainly characterized by internationalization. Up to now, the school has established long-term cooperative relationship with more than 10 colleges and universities in the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.The school has set up “3+2” Logistic Management project with State University of New York and E-commerce Program (direction of cross-border e-commerce) with London South Bank University.

The school of Business and Trade regards cross-border e-commerce as its main developing direction. The school has been awarded the title of National Cross-border E-commerce Professional Training Model School by the National Foreign Trade and Economic Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee, and is also the breeding base for cross-border electric talents of Alibaba. In the meantime, the school established the Jiangsu Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Research Institute with the Donghai Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. The project cooperated with the Santirat Institute of Business Administration to train e-commerce talents becomes the first batch of “Featured Cooperation Projects of China-ASEAN Higher Vocational Colleges”.